To bring awareness to the masses of Thrive Causemetics nonprofit arm, Bigger Than Beauty Initiative. Introducing and creating awareness of the Triumphs by Founder/CEO Karissa Bodnar and company by utilizing creative storytelling, new product launches, community events, and traditional PR efforts. 

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Implement events, broadcast moments, and creative individual strategic campaigns for each Thrive Causemetics new product launches in 2022. Utilize Thrive Causemetics Impact Report for Broadcast Opportunities. Implement namesake strategy monthly by creating and sending creative mailers to content creators, experts and media representatives.

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IPR initiated the first ever event for Thrive Causemetics in Los Angeles with Shirley Raines of Beauty 2 The Streetz and Karissa Bodnar. We brought media and influencers together to create a groundswell for the launch of Sunproof Primer Launch, as well as bring awareness to the Beauty 2 The Streetz and Thrive Causemetics partnership. Later in the year we implemented a regional teacher appreciation give-back event in conjunction with the Buildable Blur CC Cream re-launch.

2022 YTD Impressions: 8,578,476,068


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