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Challenged to make Taiwanese Beauty, T Beauty a recognized space in the beauty industry of the US was not an easy task, for Innovative PR working with brands from Shaan Honq and Inna Organic Skincare from Taiwan made Storytelling essential and easy among consumers of the beauty space. By expanding awareness around Taiwanese Beauty culture, values, and traditions to many in the United States by way of beautiful products and highlighting clients as the purveyors within the space boosted awareness then later consumer investment.


Implementing key tactics to bring T- Beauty to the masses was the goal. Visiting Taiwan and learning what aspects of T-Beauty are making it so special was a key component. The need to develop a story that showcases the importance of hair, skincare, and beauty lifestyle within the Taiwanese Culture and how their expertise is translating into products, which are Made in Taiwan, yet sold in the U.S for consumers to utilize. 

Solution & Services performed:

Harnessing Full features about T-Beauty in Glossy (targeted towards Beauty Trade) and Allure (targeted towards National Consumers) alongside many others allowed the story to be told. For SHRD Haircare a marketing social media strategy was key, thus teaming up with key content creators to discuss Taiwanese beauty to their audience and increase SH-RD’s Instagram followers by over 50% in one year - effectively highlighting the brand and T-Beauty. Distributing mass product reviews for testimonial with Innaorganic Skincare and SHRD Haircare to over 5,000 consumers, media, influencers over the course of several months allowed for brand elevation in sales, recognition, and recall. For SHRD Haircare, our gifting strategy allowed the Haircare brand to recognize their target demographic in designated markets and quantify a 97% increase in product sales over a course of 1 year compared to the previous year.


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