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Innovative PR worked with Los Angeles’ highest ranked publication- The Los Angeles Times and The Food Section in 2017 and launched the cities longest and largest food festivals into existence. After assisting 31 days of food for the first year of festival with media and influencer coverage, after the third year in 2019 we garnered over 4 Billion media and social media impressions. Innovative PR’s annual PR plan never stayed the same, but only tailored to secure more state to national brand awareness for the culinary scene of Los Angeles. To date Innovative PR has garnered over 6 Billion Impressions for the Los Angeles Times Food Bowl Festival.

The Los Angeles Times Food Bowl 2020

After the Covid 19 Pandemic and city-wide transition from events in real life to a virtual one; the city's largest Food Festivals was forced into a virtual experience. Consumers and Angelenos were able to learn about chefs, local restaurants, food industry content creators & prized food experts ban together and support local businesses during a global crisis. Additionally, spearhead fundraising for the partnering non-profit to provide meals for those affected by the crisis. 


Create a streamlined message targeted towards the importance of supporting small restaurants and eateries by ordering online for delivery and bring light to the virtual Food Bowl event through aggressive social media pushes and influencer partnerships. Pushing the importance of tuning into Online Broadcast of The Fourth Year of the Los Angeles Times Food Bowl as a way to support the city, community, and non-profit partners assisting the national pandemic crisis.

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Secured chef and event spotlights on multiple broadcast outlets and social online takeovers such as Buzzfeed’s Tasty, Robb Report, NY Times, Los Angeles Magazine, L.A Spectrum News, Extra TV and others to help surpass the fundraiser goal. 


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600 Billion

Media and Social Media Impressions since 2019.

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